BIM Services

Building Information Modeling & Technology Solutions

Heritage Mechanical Services’ provide expert Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services & Technology Solutions.Building Information Technology (BIM) is today's fastest and most cost-effective project management strategy. Before ground is even broken, the mechanical engineering team collaborates with the project owner, architect, and other construction team members to create computer-based three-dimensional models that are used to:

  • identify and resolve technical issues early, avoiding cost or project delays
  • coordinate scheduling
  • exploit prefabrication opportunities
  • eliminate rework
  • optimize safety

Further, during construction, we use the BIM database to gather a wide array of building information, including architectural and construction drawings; electrical, mechanical, HVAC and other building system plans; mechanical and piping equipment installation and operation instructions, and more.

When we turn the building over to the owner, building managers can use this database as a valuable source of facilities operations and maintenance information, enabling them to maintain consistently optimum system performance.

It's a combination of features that ensures faster delivery of better built facilities and significantly more efficient ongoing management.