Frank Schumacher, Chief Financial Officer at Heritage Mechanical Services

Frank Schumacher

Chief Financial Officer

Value Delivered

Frank helps build the strong financial foundation that allows Heritage Mechanical Services to continue providing high-performance HVAC, sheet metal, and piping systems and services to a wide array of clients. Working with the CEO, he helps track current client needs and identify market trends that will be important for the future, so they can decide how to allocate company financial resources in ways that will provide value for clients.

He also trains Project Managers to understand the financial aspects of contracts, change orders, and other project components, and reviews all mechanical service projects to be sure they are based on sound financial principles.

In addition, Frank maintains internal financial controls and manages both internal and government compliance activities. He reviews all contracts to ensure the company is meeting its obligations while minimizing risks. Finally, Frank oversees the company’s information technology systems, making sure they are providing enough speed, storage, and capacity to support the firm’s diverse operating needs.


Frank has been with EMCOR for over 25 years. During that time, he has worked with a variety of EMCOR businesses in a range of accounting functions, including Inventory Controller, Assistant Controller, Consultant, and Controller.

Frank holds a bachelor’s and a master’s in business administration from St. John’s University.

The Personal Side

Frank and his wife have two daughters and a grandson. He enjoys running, fishing, golfing, and playing his guitar.